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    Default 43 and single - anonymous donor sperm

    Hi I have only recently decided I want to have a baby using donor sperm - it would have to be anonymous as I don't know anyone willing to donate. I phoned up IVF Australia today and found out the waiting list is about 9 months. I was so disappointed as at this age every month counts. I will be 44 next month and wanted to start now. I know it is already a long shot but another 9 months just makes me want to give up. What do you think is there any other way or clinics that would be quicker? Am I too old should I just give up?

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    I used diy baby to find my amazing sperm donor. I paid a small registration fee, and had to go through a few creeps but found an amazing donor who after 2 tries we have success, I am 39 weeks pregnant. He went through all the testing a clinic does, without the quarantine period and it was so easy and right. I had previously tried clinic IUIs and IVF without a sticky. But you need to decide what's best or you, but honestly at your age I would go for effective, what feels right and what's the quickest to get the ball rolling. Don't give up, whilst your ovulating there is always a chance. Good luck, btw I'm 39!

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    Hi, I don't know where you're from but I am in qld and going through city fertility. My husband doesn't produce any sperm so we needed a donor. We had no waiting time. There was only a small selection to choose from but still very good options and reserved straight away. We picked ours a month ago and I'm going for my first iui in a couple of weeks. Good luck x hopefully you can find a quicker alternative.


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