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    Prevention is better than cure, as they say. Once we found out DS had eczema we have mostly managed to avoid any break outs. The biggest thing is moisturising their skin so as soon as we found a cream that didn't make him scream we have stuck with it and so far haven't tried anything else.
    We are using the Moo Goo eczema cream and we have pretty much only bathed him in plain water, no soap. Every soap or body wash stuff we ever tried was horrible, even the Curash one that says it is ok for eczema.
    I am now wanting to find something that we can actually wash him with because now that he's a bit older he gets a bit smelly so I have bought a product called Billy Goat soap (there is a specific baby version), it's made with goats milk and has no harsh chemicals. I haven't tried it yet though, I'm a bit nervous about trying anything new in case it flares him up again. But it will probably be fine, it was recommended to me by a friend with eczema.

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    Go for natural eczema product treatments. I used this one http://www.eczemafreetips.com and after using it, in just two weeks, the redness and including itchiness is no where to be found. It's been months since I've use that product, and I'm totally free from eczema.

    I hope this can help you also by that product. I highly recommend it . Good luck and Godbless!


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