Hello to all the mums to be!

My name is Kate and I am 22 years old. I am studying midwifery at the University of South Australia. I am seeking pregnant women who would be willing to share their pergancy journey with me and for me to apply my midwifery skills as a student.

As part of my course we are required to find pregnant women who are willing to share their pregnancy and birth journey as part of a follow through experience (Continuity of Care). This invloves attendning 3-4 antenatal and postnatal vists with you and the birth, if you wish (with the supervision of your midwife or obstreician). All informtaion is kept confidential and you can feel free to change your mind of my attendance at any time.

Having a student midwife enables you to have some extra support throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth. I understand that your pregnancy and birth of your child is a personal and special experience and I would respect your choice of my level of involvement.

If you are between 12-34 weeks pregnant and would love some extra support in your pregnancy, labour or birth, or would even just like to have a friendly face at your antenatal appointments I would love to be involved.

This is your journey and I would merely be there for support and provide any extra knowledge on pregnancy and birth if needed. I am situated in the Adelaide CBD, very close to Women's and Children's/Burnside/Calvary and easy to get to Flinders as well. No matter where you are birthing, I am happy to attend any location in Adelaide.

Would love to hear from you!
Please post if you are interested and we can go from there!