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    Default Csection nerves!

    After a very traumatic vb with ds docs have recommended for me to have a csection for this bub. I'm fine with this decision but coming up to the date I'm getting increasingly nervous! This Friday I'm booked in and have to be at the hosp at 7am.....I would love to hear some csection experience from others so I can prepare myself for the surgery. The surgery, the pre op, post op and being home afterwards makes me nervous! I'm just not sure what to expect and have asked midwives and docs and they all give me the bland scripted version of the story.......

    So how did you feel about your section??

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    I had an emergency csect so bit different but happy to share my experience

    Anything in particular you want to know?

    The guy came in the out epi/spinal in. I sat on bed with legs over edge and feet in dh lap. Was crapping myself. Could feel pressure but no pain.

    They put those socks on and catheter in.

    Felt like a lifetime but was wheeled around to theatre. Dh had to wait outside for a bit. They introduced themselves to me. There were heaps of ppl in theatre and it was soooo bright.

    Everyone was friendly but it was a bit overwhelming tbh. They put the drugs in and then started testing using these weird ice cube things.

    They explained everything and let dh in. They told dh in emergency he would be asked to leave and was that ok etc.

    Then I guess they started. It sends kind heaps of ppl talking about random shot. Was a Monday so they all talking about their weekends. Was odd

    No pain but could feel pressure and hear noises. Dr who I think was aenethatust was explaining how I may feel etc. I was a bit shaky and cold but otherwise fine. I think they may have got me blankets? Like for my hands?

    Baby came out and they kept working on me. Maybe 15min later in recovery with dh and bub. They checking you constantly and I could move my feet which I was happy about. They do ice test again. I freaked out a bit cos I couldn't feel my boobs properly and it was getting numb climbing up. Nurse sat me up more and it stop

    This was my biggest fear as I'm booked in for csect in about 9wks. But my duster is a mid and she pointed out I had oxygen probe in finger so they know how I'm doing. I had thus irrational fear if not being able to breath or talk.

    Anyway bub feed in recovery and then we went back to ward. It was maybe 10pm by now

    Nurses help with ds overnight. Next day I got up early afternoon and was walking around from then on

    Felt good and my recovery was pretty easy. Bit stiff but nothing major. Drugs made me feel out of it and I got them to half dose. I was nodding off and spacing out it was odd

    Kept up my Voltaren and Panadol at home. Driving in a month. Did get a wound infection though.


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