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    Default Is anyone else always sick?

    Hello parents out there! I have a 16 month old son who goes to daycare. And, of course, he brings everything home. He gets sick about once a month. But I am sick ALL THE TIME! I'll have the occasional week where I'm well and start to believe its going to stay that way. Then I'm quickly proven wrong. I barely get out of the house anymore, the energy just isnt there. I had some blood tests done to check white blood cells, vitamins etc. and all came back normal. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Not when my kids started daycare but when I first started working (job that involved lots of people) I got sick continuously for at least 6 months. After then my immune system just seemed to grow stronger and I got sick less often. I've got an iron immune system these days, I could lick the handle of a doctors surgery door and not catch anything.

    just make sure you look after yourself, plenty of vitamins, healthy foods, adequate rest, exercise and don't forget to wash your hands regularly and both of you will get stronger immune systems and sick less often soon hopefully.

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    Yes!! My 11 month old has been going to child care for the past couple of months (haved returned to work 2 days a week). Since then between the two of us we have had: multiple colds of different strains, gastro, outer ear infection, throat infection, croup, hand foot & mouth, conjunctivits, tonsilitis & inflamed ear. I have been to the drs at least twice a week for at least the past 8 weeks. She seems to bounce back really well but it has been continuous with me. The difference I believe is that it has been a stressful few months with hubby having major surgery in july and me having to do everything during his recovery. Being run down and not having any proper rest means that my immune system hasnt had a hope in hell of recovering. I went to the health food shop the other day and was told to start taking olive leaf extract. Apparently it will soon be my new best friend!! They had better be right lol. I hope you get better soon too!!


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