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    Default Need help family vent

    I have to get this out as is eating my insides because I don't know what to do??

    Il start by saying my mum is absolutely wonderful, I love her to bits and think she is the most kind generous person I know. She is the best nanny to my babies, they absolutely adore her.

    however the rest of my family make me want to bang my head against a brick wall!!! My dad (stepdad) is very overweight and diabetic but continues to eat bad food, he smokes even though both his parents died from diseases caused from smoking, and he already has a weazing cough . I have never had a good relationship with him, while living at home I would happily go months without talking to him, he is a cranky,rude selfish person who likes to cry poor even though he is earning good money, he just wastes it on crap.

    My brother is the most arrogant, self obsessed person I've ever known. He is incredibly selfish and never thinks about anyone else. He often does very foolish things, then cries when he has to pay for it. The amount of emotional stress he has inflicted on my family in the last 3 yrs has almost tore my parents apart. My mum is constantly walking on eggshells as to not upset him. He will argue for the sake of it if you say the sky is blue he will say no its purple. He is rude to anyone and everyone, he will purposefully say things to offend including to my friends/ in laws.

    my sister has totally lost it!!! Hanging around the wrong crowd, and doing all the wrong things. It's making her physically ill, however she won't help herself. She has a bad attitude and constantly mopes.

    this is just a vague over view of what's been happening, it's honestly gotten to the point where I just don't want to know anymore!! I avoid them as much as I can (apart from mum) it's truly embarrassing when I have events where they come and I have other friends/ family. I want to cut them out of my life, they just stress me out. I can't, I know it will break my mums heart.

    what do I do?? I'm meant to be going to my sis bday lunch on wknd and I am dreading it!! I would of made an excuse not to go but extended fam are coming who I do want to see. Whenever I spend time with them I come home stressed and my DH and I argue over it. It just never stops with them, every week it's something new, always drama and stupid sh!t!

    sorry for the super long post.

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    hi shopaholic, I can only suggest dont bang your head against a brick wall. Other members of the family are there to just test us. Try to ignore them and leave them to their own devices. Look after your mum, and the other family members who you do care about, and just pretend the others dont exist. There is nothing you can do to help them or save them from their own stupidity. especially, dont have arguements with your spouse over them, that is not at all useful. marie

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    Sorry to hear your plight, but at least you are distancing yourself from the family and can set a good example for your own children etc. Please attend this weekend get together but take time even going to the bathroom and having a few minutes to yourself just get through the occasion and keep your cool. Some people never change and you can't do it for them unfortunately, tell your DH to give you some space upon return. Good Luck.

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