Hi Ladies,

I have a little bit of a pickle...

My DP and i aren't TTC but we're not preventing it either. Although i would love a little bubby!

We usually use the withdrawal method except on the 29/8/13 (2 days before AF). AF arrived on the 31/8/13. I'm usually quite regular only a day or two early or late. I noticed that AF wasn't as heavy as she usually is and it only lasted 4 days (ended 3/9/13) which i guess is normal for me but not recently. We had intercourse the day after (withdrawal). On the 6/9/13 i noticed when i wiped i had sticky CM with flecks of pink in it which i usually get when i ovulate.. I thought it was quite strange but just thought i was ovulating early? So that night we had intercourse (withdrawal). Then i noticed on the 10/9/13 yesterday) that i had pinky light brown CM which i have never ever had before also quite crampy and back pain. Today i checked again and it's brown discharge and still slight crampy and a little bit of back pain.

I know its unlikely that i could conceive 2 days before AF but it's not impossible :/. Also that the sperm probably would've died because of AF so unlikely of concieving after AF. I just don't understand what it would be other than implantation bleeding because I'm so far away from my next AF. What is itt?? :/

Do any of you ladies know what could be going on? Also, if i was to take a HPT when is the best time to do it?

Thanks Ladies.