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    Default DD 2.5 vomiting at bedtime - HELP

    I know this post should probably in the sleep section but I am desperate and thought that maybe there would be a bit more traffic here... someone who has some suggestions or has been through the same thing who can just remind me that it wont last forever?!

    My daughter is 2 ½ and has previously been sleeping through the night for a while now (maybe a year or more).

    The last three nights she now refuses to go to bed and starts screaming blue murder. The first night I sat with her until she fell asleep and she woke again around midnight and I went in and sat with her again until she fell asleep. Second night I sat with her when we put her to bed and then around 1am she woke screaming and vomited everywhere. I ended up sleeping on the floor in her room. Last night she started screaming and promptly vomited when we put her to bed. I slept on the floor all night and she periodically woke up and started screaming until she realised I was still there. At 4am in a lot of pain from lying on the floor I went to bed thinking I could get a couple of hours proper sleep but at 4.30am she started screaming again and yelled out “Im going to vomit”

    I feel she is now vomiting on purpose to get her way (and its a full on vomit of everything shes eaten for dinner). And I must admit my husband and I are hopeless when it comes to vomit and she gets quite a reaction from us .... so I guess for her its working.

    I just don’t know what to do tonight, am so tired and am dreading it already.

    Last week we were away overseas on holiday and her bed was in our hotel room but we kept to the bedtime routine (bath, stories, to bed) and came in later to go to bed ourselves and had no problem. Perhaps she just got used to and liked the fact we were with her all night.... She also doesn’t get to see her daddy very much normally due to his working hours so she got to see him non-stop last week and I know she misses that too.

    Any advice?

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    Honestly I don't believe children can vomit to get at their parents. And even if they could, why not do all in your power to alleviate the situation that causes so much distress.
    It sounds like your daughter loved the closeness while you were on holiday, why not trial having her sleep in your room in a separate bed or cot.

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    Yes kids can vomit on cue, not to get back at you of course, but to get what they want. That closeness and comfort at bedtime.

    If it continues, unfortunately the only thing to do is to ignore the behaviour. Hard to do when you are cleaning up vomit. A family I know had to seek help for this and in the end the specialist told them to remove the child from the room (yet to a safe room) during cleaning, not speaking to them the whole time, then clean the child, not speaking to them. Put them back into bed, kiss them good night as if you were only just tucking them in.... It took 5 solid nights of about 3-4 vomits a night, with exception of night 5, that was just 1 vomit. They were extremely tired by then end of it but it worked (This is only if you are not wanting to have her back in your room).

    First though they had to ensure that the vomiting behaviour at bedtime was that, an attention seeking behaviour that was figured out after being sick at one point, and not something more serious. Can't ignore vomiting, until it has been confirmed that it is attention seeking behaviour and NOT something else!

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    my DD used to hold her breath until she passed out to get her own way... it was just attention seeking and her trying to get her own way...

    i feel for you and i hope she soon sorts herself out for your sake


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    My BF's DD did the exact same thing at around the same age. She would stick her fingers down her throat to make herselp throw up at bedtime . As in a PP, they dealt with it by totally ignoring the behaviour, cleaning up in a toally matter of fact way, not giving any attention to DD, tucking her in and leaving. It took a while for the "phase" to pass, but the DD soon learned she would get no reward for her behaviour.

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    Hmmm...I wouldn't assume she's forcing herself to vomit. Sometimes children do vomit from crying, but I would check a couple of things...

    First, have you had her tonsils checked? You can look yourself with a torch and see them if they're big. If they are inflamed they could be setting off her gag reflexes when she cries and making her vomit. They could also be waking her. If she snores that's a bit if an indicator.

    Second, have you had an abdo ultrasound to check there isn't anything physical causing her to feel like vomiting when she lies down?

    Third (I'll put it out there that I'm more of an attachment parent than a cry it out parent so this might not be for you) have you brought her into your bed/put her on the floor next to your bed to see if it is genuinely anxiety/getting own way related?

    I wouldn't suggest this order. That's the order of my thoughts for some reason. If it continues I'd go to a pead. I think you are doing lots of good loving things so far.


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