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    Default Please help, encourage, reassure....


    I don't think I have been on BH for at least 2 years, probably more. But DD is seriously tipping me over the edge when it comes to TT. DD is almost 3 and has 2 older brothers (aged 5 and almost 8). She is a beautiful child, full of character and laughter but she is terribly, terribly stubborn.

    My boys were relatively easy to TT, especially the first one. We have been trying on and off for months with DD now and things just are not improving. The biggest problem is that she will not, ever, poo on the toilet or the potty. She will poo in her pants or her nappy.

    She will wee if I take her frequently, and very occasionally she will tell me she wants to do a wee. When I say frequently, I have to take her every 45 mins to an hour - sometimes she can last longer but not often.

    I have tried stickers, stamps, reward charts - all sorts of things. Sometimes she just fights with me about going at all. I admit I am getting increasingly frustrated with her. I have even tried sitting in the bathroom with her for ages and ages when I know she needs to poo but she just refuses and says "I don't want to".

    Any tips??? Or just a hug???

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    my son is almost 5 and only just now have we finally broken through with poo on the toilet. It was his younger sister, 3, how was the example.

    We went with rewards. Also his sister gets rewards even though she does not need them and a lot of positive reinforcement. I give him one of 'My' special chocolates when he does one. We even took pictures when he did the right thing if his mum was not home so he could show her later.

    It may take a bit longer. Let the older siblings be an example to her and perhaps if you start rewarding them for what they are already doing she may copy

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    My ds was the same. He didn't stop pooing in his pants until 3 and a half. I would take him every 45 mins and ask him continuously... It felt like forever. I started buying super cheap undies so I could just bin them rather than wash them because it was happening so regularly my house was starting to smell.

    hang in there.... They all get it eventually.

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