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    Default Physio vs Chiro

    Ok, I'm stuck in a dilemma.

    My 4 month old daughter has a flat spot on her right side which has been put in the severe category. She has been to the chiro (only once) who was confident they will fix it however, my GP was very concerned and referred her to the children's for review.

    Today at the children's I was told not to take her to the chiro, only the physio. Many people have told me they have seen fantastic results from a chiro, hence the reason I took her there.

    She has another appointment with specialists next month where a helmet may be considered and she also has to have an MRI to ensure no damage has occurred to her head following a very fast forceps delivery.

    Has anyone had experience with severe flat spots? What did you do to help it and when did things start to get better?

    I'm so concerned her head won't improve 😞

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    My DD had torticollis so had quite a bad flat spot on one side. We did both Physio and chiro. After just one chiro appt she was able to turn her head more as she did not have full range of movement. We were also told however by the paed not do chiro as its apparently not evidence based etc. plus dd cried every time so we only did it a few times.

    However I do feel as though the Physio helped her more as we were shown positioning techniques and excercises to help strengthen her neck. We were lucky to avoid a helmet. Dd is now almost 2 and her head is now pretty even. Good luck!

    FTA: by about 6/7 months was when we really started to notice that the flat spot was heaps better.
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