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    Default Lower back ache on right side?

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help me.. I saw a Dr yesterday about lower back pain I've had for a few days straight now on my right side moreso than the left... I thought it might have been the beginning of a kidney infection so I went off to make sure it wasn't. The Dr pushed on the area and it hurt a lot; The right side more than the left, though there was pain in the left also. She said that my back wouldn't be sore like that if it was my kidneys and a UTI test was negative. She said it was probably muscular and to go home and rest (pretty hard with a 1.5 yr old running around! )

    DH rubbed some ice gel into it last night which gave me some relief. This morning when I woke I felt fine, though it has come back in just last few hours. It feels very similar to contractions (I know I probably sound crazy here) It's a constant ache and I'm not sure if I should get a second opinion or not? I sometimes get the same sensation up in my shoulder blades, though my shoulders aren't sore to touch like my back is. I have a family member going through some troubles at the moment and try to help where I can. They were pretty emotional and stressed on the phone to me 3 days ago and I ended up having to cut the phone call short I was close to having an anxiety attack. The next morning I woke with the constant ache in my back.

    Not sure what to do? I don't recall doing anything out of the ordinary or hurting myself.. Could it be anxiety related?

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    Muscle strain could be anxiety related, like if you hold a lot of tension in your muscles it is not uncommon to get sore neck/back.

    I'd recommend a physio and anti inflammatories (ibuprofen like Advil or Nurofen)

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    If you have private health insurance I would suggest seeing a chiro. They worked wonders for me. I had very similar pain and had scans etc to test my kidneys but turned out to be a misalignment in my spine from always carrying babies/bags etc on my left hand side.

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