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    We had a very obviously gay guy at our school & I don't think he got a hard time, he was pretty popular! This was a public high school & we graduated about12 years ago (feeling old!)

    However, he wasn't kissing anyone at school! I think any kids that are kissing in public view at school ARE going to have people talking about them, same or opposite sex.

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    It's been 10 years since I was in school and while it wasn't something people were bashed for, or full on bullied over, there was definitely a lot of teasing and it depended on the individual and how popular they were usually.

    Much like having red hair, if you were popular, it wasn't a big deal, if you weren't, it was an easy point for people to pick at.

    I must say though, one particular boy stands out, he was constantly teased. One day the father of a guy he'd been seeing came into our school grounds with the intentions of bashing him, the big, tough, staunch boys who enjoyed teasing him ran to his defence and removed the father from the school grounds, made sure the guy was okay.

    He might've been our 'gay' to tease, but he was ours all the same and we all loved him and would defend his right to be himself fiercely.

    So I can see why there's so much support in the situation in the OP.

    He later told me that that day was the day when he first felt acceptance for the person he was.


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