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    I had mine done about 5 years ago. Went from 10AAA (nothing at all) to a 10b, had no problems breastfeeding DS or DD. I breastfed DS until 18 months and DD is 15 months and still breastfed.

    After breastfeeding two bubs they definitely are not as perky, but l prefer that they look more natural now.

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    Thanks ladies for all your responses. I can't keep living my life with the 'what if' i get pregnant because if i dont i will always wish i had the boobies done. I have made an appt with the surgeon to have a chat. I am really excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbies View Post
    I got them after several years of telling my boyfriend at the time (now husband) when I get to a size 8... He finally just said do it and enjoy them now and stop waiting for that perfect time. I'm successfully breastfeeding my second bub now, if anything I've had issues with over active letdown and too much supply - so it has had nil effect on my ability to bf. The key is making sure you have them done under the muscle and inserted under the crease of the boob, looks more natural too.

    I only needed 4 days recovery when I got them done, but would imagine I wouldn't want to be having them done and run after kids - depends on how long after you have birth and breastfeed for (and how many kids your going for) as to how long this means your going to wait for them. Personally I wanted to enjoy them for as long as possible.
    Can I just ask, when you got pregnant did the size, shape change at all or after having bubs? I also am considering getting them done. Think I should wait til I'm done having kids but I really want them now! Bf has made my already a cups super saggy!

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