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    You need to space the medication out at least 10-30 mins before a feed. Only mix it with a little water and syringe into her mouth. My boys only responded well on two doses per day. Also, a lot of reflux bubs have an intolerance to dairy. My boys all ended up on prescription formula. The RISA ( reflux infant support association ) is great, just google them.

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    Our losec is done as a suspension. Do you have a compound chemist?
    And we also had significant results from eliminating dairy and soy. CMPI was exacerbating her reflux.

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    The best advice I can give you, especially as your GP seems a bit unsure on the subject is to get a Pedeatrician referral. They have a lot more knowledge and experience with babies and reflux. I ended up at 3 different GPs and the last GP was because I had just hit a wall and had a breakdown in his office over it all.
    Our Pedeatrician is fabulous and im able to email him any questions regarding dose etc in between appointments.
    Have you tried the infant gaviscon? We are on infant gaviscon as well as the nexium. You can buy infant gaviscon over the counter at a chemist and it helps thicken their stomach contents a bit. It helper DS a lot. We have also just had the Pedeatrician confirm what he believes ( and I have suspected for a while) a cows milk protein intolerance. The Pedeatrician has told me I can either cut all dairy, soy and egg out of my diet or put him on prescription formula. He has had 3 bottles of the formula so far and hasn't vomited after them. Im trying to decide to wean or not at the moment. there is a lot of information on the RISA website about reflux and cows milk protein intolerance. Its worth having a look at.

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    Thanks everyone. I am a bit frustrated because we did see a paediatrician about a month ago, unfortunately it was a different one as our regular one was on holidays. I really didn't find her very helpful, her attitude seemed to be that as long as DD was gaining weight the reflux couldn't be that bad. She said to just leave her on Zantac and that losec wasn't necessary. Hence why I went back to the GP because at least even if she isn't as knowledgable at least she is willing to help! The pead was also not interested in investigating CMPI
    Might try and make an appointment with our regular pead, I know it sounds selfish but I just get so exhausted with the constant medical appointments, between DD's hip dysplaysia, heart murmur and this it seems like we see doctors every week! We don't live close to much either so everything is at least a 30 min drive away.
    Oh well, the joys of parenting I guess!


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