Hi guys, I'm just looking for anyone in similar situations to see how they cope! I've been a stay at home mum since I had my eldest 6 and my partner because a fifo worker when she was roughly 3! I have a son 3 and am due in 4 weeks with number three! Before I fell pregnant serious consideration went into me going back into the workforce (not because we needed money) more for my personal self my eldest started prep and I was getting increasing bored! I'm now to that stage again, today I sat around home watching movies all day doing the bare minimum preparing food but basically haven't moved a bit all day! It makes me feel extremely lazy and a bad mum! I actually feel so depressed and bored! So more so my question is what do people in similar situations do to keep happy sane and not bored! I don't have a lot of people to hang out with all the time! Just feeling extremely low at the moment! Hopefully this is only due to the fact that bub is due in 4 weeks too