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    Default PhD time management

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice from those who are doing/have done, a PhD. Mine is in Humanities so I don't need to go to labs or anything - it's fully reearch based and I can do it all off campus.
    I'm doing it part-time, but am even finding it VERY difficul to find study time. When I do, it is very focused as I'm quite organised, but I don't think I am doing nearly the right amount.
    I work Monday and Tuesday, I have a 3 year old who goes to kindy Wednesday and Thursday and I have a 12 month old who is very difficult. I like to study in the mornings - getting up just before five but it's a gamble as my one year old is NOT a good sleeper and sometimes gets up then too and I can't study. I find it really hard to get focused at night time.
    In a few months I will put the youngest into care for a day so can get some stuff done. I can't afford to work fewer than two days a week.
    So, how did you do it? How many hours did you devote to your studies per week (I know this will vary at different stages)? Do I just need to be tougher on myself and focus at night time? Stressing out a bit about whether I can do this.......

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    Have you talked to your supervisor?

    I'm in science so lots of lab work , completed 3.5 years and ill be off for 6 months then hope to hand in next semester (2014). I work 8-5 most days at uni (or did in the past) and I'm thinking ill need to set aside a few hrs a day for writing once bubs is born and I'm ready to get back into it, I'm pretty much just writing up now as all experiments are done!

    Could you work on weekends ie get your partner, family, friends to watch the kids for a few hours?

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    I would definitely be trying to get a half/full day in on the weekends if I were you. But that's because there is no way I would be productive that early in the mornings (I have a 9 mth old who isn't the best sleeper) and am way too tired by evenings. Evenings are usually spent cleaning, washing, Etc anyway.

    I think daycare is a great idea and will give you some focused time to study. Is there anyone who could watch the 12mth old for you on Wed/thurs for a couple of hours while the older child is at kinder?


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