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    Default Hello from Cheltenham, Victoria! Self-insemination success story!

    Hi all,

    I found out last week that I was pregnant and I am now 5 weeks. Still in complete shock but very happy. Finding the whole thing hard to believe.

    I have a lot of health problems and HEAPS of gynaecological problems, so in the past 12 months I have been doing everything to prepare for conception (coming off all my medications, blood tests, immunistaions, etc). But we had not yet started TTC because my gyn problems were not improving. I saw an OB/GYN in July who said she could help with my probs but not if I wanted to get pregnant, so we should try to get pregnant ASAP. At this point we were expecting conception to take anywhere from 6months to 6 years as we did not expect it to be easy for us.

    We told her that we were planning insemination cos sex is way too painful for me and she said we only have a 1% chance of falling pregnant if we do it ourselves, so she referred us to a fertility specialist so we could have assisted insemination. I didn't really believe the 1% statistic so we decided we would try at home while waiting to get in to the specialist. Our first chance was in August and as we hadn't done it before we decided to just practice once and then in September do it properly on 3 occasions across my ovulation day.

    Two weeks after our 'practice' my period didn't come. I thought it was coming because I was crampy and my boobs were really sore but after a couple of days I thought I should take a pregnancy test just in case. An extremely faint line appeared so I didn't know what to think.

    In the end I took 5 tests all with the same outcome! lol! Then had a blood test at the doctor, but I still wasn't convinced! However, I am at risk of ectopic pregnancy due to some of my gyno problems, so I ended up having 3 blood tests to check that my HCG levels were going up properly, and they have gone up great so I finally believe that I'm pregnant!

    I still can't believe it happened first go when we thought we were just practicing and only had a 1% chance!

    It's unbelievable and I want to tell everyone but we have decided to wait as long as possible and have only told my parents and a couple of close friends. This is the hardest secret I have ever had to keep! Only 2 days after finding out my SIL told me she dreamed about me being pregnant! It was so hard to deny it when all I wanted to do was say OMG you are right!!!

    I'm excited to join this community and chat to other pregnant women, especially if you are in the same part of pregnancy as me (baby due 30/4/14), or if you live in south-east Melbourne. I think I will be giving birth at Epworth Freemasons in East Melbourne so anyone who is going there would also be great to chat to and anyone who is using self-insemination and would like to know exactly what process we used I am more than happy to share any info.

    Happy Pregnancies!

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    Great!! Congratulations


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