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    Default Formula advice

    Hi everyone,

    Dd is 3 weeks old and has been on karicare lactose free formula for 2 weeks at the advise of her paediatrician due to reflux/colic issues

    Problem is she is terribly constipated (on coloxyl drops) and I have Also noticed she is very hungry between feeds sometimes only going 1-1.5 hours between feeds. She is eating more than enough it just doesn't seem to have any substance.

    Anyway I have an appointment tomorrow with paediatrician and on hoping he may approve a switch over to a different formula with lactose.

    Anyway I tried nan ha in the beginning and she had really smelly bowel movements and wind. I do think it gave her a bit of pain as well.

    I was thinking of the karicare HA but I'm not sure if I should since the nan ha didn't work.

    Does anyone have any experience with both? Or knowledge of both formulas? Is the nan a bit harder than the karicare or should I stay away from HA all together?

    Any other formulas you can reccomend for a premmie with colic/reflux that gentle on the bowels?

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    DS started off on NAN HA when he was four days old. He was fine on it for about a week and a half but then he began to protest during feeds and become incredibly upset with wind, particularly at night. NAN had recently changed their formula and it was making babies sick; our GP suggested changing to the Karicare HA. He was much more settled on the Karicare and his wind wasn't as bad.

    Unfortunately, at around the same time, there was a widespread Karicare HA shortage so when the tin emptied we ended up buying the regular Karicare Gold instead (non HA formula)! That seemed to settle the grumpy baby and wind problems all in one go, and the goopy stools. I think that the HA formulas were actually doing too good a job. Since they're easily digestible like breast milk, they were just zooming right through him, keeping him hungry, giving him wind and aggravating his tummy. We also gave him Infacol with his feeds to deal with the wind problems.

    When it comes to formula, the only thing you can really do is try one and then another. There's no other way. Babies react differently to formula - Karicare worked for us but it doesn't for others. Other babies are perfectly happy on NAN formulas. Some people say S-26 causes constipation while others complain of loose stools! It's a case of experimentation until you find the right one.

    That said, Bellamys organic has an excellent reputation. It's not always as readily accessible as the other major brands but it is a very good formula. Coles is usually well stocked with them. I've known many mums who have gone through several different formulas and found Bellamys to be a lifesaver.

    Or you could try a goats milk formula. To my knowledge, that's supposed to be the closest alternative to breast milk and very gentle on the tummy.

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    We we t through Nan HA (caused wind and reflux), Nan Comfort (caused constipation), now on to Bellamy's Organic. So far it has been great, we're about a week in and his constipation, wind and reflux all seem to have gone away... Keeping my fingers crossed that this one works! We tried it as heaps of other people recommended it.

    Hope you find one that works!

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    We're Karicare fans here We used Aptimal gold plus when nan changed their formula (that's what the hospital used so we tried a tin before the change).
    Now that Bub is a bit older and eating lots of real food too I just use the cheap sma (basic s-26). It's actually really good, no discomfort or tummy upset.
    Keep trying, as PP said all Bubs are different and do better on different brands

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