Hello All,

My name is Amy I am a student midwife at Flinders university, I am currently in my final year. The course for me is only 18 months as I am also a registered nurse. I worked full-time as a RN for a year, i worked in ICU and Thoracic's and decided to change over to midwifery. I am absolutely loving it. I have had hands on experience delivering babies at both Burnside Hospital and the Womens and Children's. I would love to have the opportunity to follow you through your pregnancy, I find it is a great experience, getting to know women and their families through such a special and exciting journey in their lives. I also think that by having a student midwife it gives the woman a familiar face as some may not have the same midwife for their entire delivery as well as some having a student in the rooms anyway.

I would go to as many antenatal appointments as I can, attend the delivery and come and visit postnatally.

If you are interested please email me at amyblamb@gmail.com