I found change of my lifestyle really helped my fighting and getting rid of depression and anxiety. I believe that you can get rid of depression if you really don't like being depressed and you've to put serious effort in it no matter how hard it is. I didn't try naturopathy but I started eating healthy foods avoided all kind of junk and processed foods. Started drinking lots of water, started walking in my garden in the morning and then gradually changed the location to my nearby park. But I believe the biggest factor was yoga and deep breathing exercises with of course support from my my friends and family who were really understanding, tolerating and supportive. Fortunately, the sister of my best friend is a yoga instructor and she helped me learning and practising it and how I can control myself and depression with yoga and breathing exercises. So I'll advise you to try these exercises as well, as they're really helpful. You can also find videos of yoga and deep breathing techniques on youtube. Hopefully,it will be helpful for you.