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    Default is this for life?

    hi, i had my 2nd baby who is now 6 weeks old. I have had trouble with insomnia and my recovering from the C-section took a good 5 weeks of sitting around doing nothing getting very anxious and frustrated and a little down. Over the weekend i had 2 sleepless nights which were hell, then on the afternoon before the third night i started to get really anxious and had a panic attack, which I've never had before! it was god awful as anyone whose had one would know.went to the doc next day and said i have Post natal anxiety. i cant believe it! i have always had sound mental health and been a relatively chilled out person, maybve a bit of a worry wart sometimes. Yesterday i felt pretty good once i hauled myself out of bed but i could feel that the tight hot pain in my chest was being kept at bay. as soon as i started to think about getting some sleep i could feel myself getting anxious again. but then today i had another panic attack that lasted about 15 minutes. its hard to stay positive about what this means. i have been put on Zoloft and given sleeping tablets. Does this mean, even if it does go away, that i will have anxiety for ever? how long does it take Zoloft to work? its like I've seen a new side to life and can so sympathise with any sufferers where before i didn't understand.

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    Mine hasn't, but over time, have been able to work out my triggers, and I can also feel myself going into it. I no longer see a therapist and am not on meds, but if I feel myself start to get panicky and I feel like I need help, then back to the therapist for me. I haven't needed to see on in 3 years. They describe it like, you will always be predisposed to it. But the more help you get now, really knock it on the head. The better you'll be in the long run.


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