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    Default When your kids get gastro are they the same as usual?!

    My kids have gastro at the moment - except you wouldn't know. Ds vomited the other night and we thought it was just because he got apple stuck in his throat. Except, now, his sister vomited too. And I called his kinder and they said the teacher is off sick with gastro and lots of the kids have had it. He did complain of tummy ache a couple of times but he acted just like normal, played just as much, slept the same. His sister is just like normal too.
    Last time they got gastro it was the same. A bit more whiney but they seemed to have just as much energy. Then, I caught their bug and I was in bed dying for 5 days!! Do all kids have the ability to go on as usual even when they have gastro? Is it just adults who get completely wiped out like we are dying?

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    I think young kids do bounce back a lot faster than adults and their symptoms often less severe. My DS will be poorly for maybe 3-4 hours while he's vomiting but if I catch the same bug it'll be 12-24 hours. Probably to do with body mass and the time it takes to expel the bug. Not too sure!


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