My DD has awlays been a wonderful sleper and still somedays can sleep 3hrs from 12-3pm (usually on a day after daycare as she doesnt sleep there). Then still go to bed at 7 and fall alseep with no issues and sleep all night long untill 8am.
However, the past few weeks she has been her usual tired self at 12.30-1pm, so she goes to bed (takes herself off to bed). But wont settle off to sleep for ages. She gets out of bed (not her room) turns light on, play with her toys, ect, ect. Then only has a 30-40min nap. Wakes up grumpy, cant do anything with her. Bath is a struggle, she doesnt eat dinner.
She then goes to bed over tired at 7pm some nights 6.30 and wont settle down untill 9.30....she keeps getting out of bed and coming out of her room!

im confused...does she need more or less of a day sleep?

She has just been completely potty trianed. day and night. (she did the night herself) potty in her room, takes off nappy and uses it thru the night.
I dont know if this would have anything to do with it?