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    It will get better. Ds is building his immune system. The first year he will probably get everything but in years to come he most likely won't. If your child was in family daycare and the person running it gets sick or has to have time off then your stuck so a proper daycare centre is the most secure option I believe. Give ds a multi vitamin too.

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    i think it depends on the centre, how often your child attends and how long they get to 'recover'.

    Someone told me it's the kids who only go 1 day a week who get sick the most, not the case for us. My DD only goes one day a week and has only been sick once. It was just a 48hr virus. So she gets a full wek to recover again. Most kids dont get that time and are sent back to CC (parents have to work) not 100%, so i presume illness is spread that way a fair bit.

    I found one of the cleanest child care centres ive ever come across (i have worked in CC). They spend ALOT of time outdoors. Especially in the middle of winter. They just rug them all up, of course. They keep heating and cooling to a minimum and it's always constant temps indoors.

    I have increased my dd's fruit, esp oranges for the Vit C. I add fresh garlic - alot of it, to everything! First sign of a cold or runny nose i will give her a kids vit c lolly. Dunno what that would do as i dont believe she is lacking any vitamins but its mainly for my piece of mind. Make sure she stayes home, extra clothing layers and rest if i think she's starting to get sick.
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