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    Default How much to express?

    DS (6 weeks) has finally started going more than a couple of hours between feeds overnight - hurrah!

    Unfortunately my boobs didnt get the memo yet so I can't enjoy the extra sleep cos I'm waking feeling incredibly uncomfortable. I feel like I can't breathe with 2 concrete beach balls on my chest!!

    I know I need to wait it out for my supply to regulate, but in the mean time I reeeeeally need to express a bit to get some sleep.

    How much is too much? It's such a relief that I worry I'm over doing it and just reinforcing the problem.

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    Only express just enough to feel a little more comfortable - you will still probably feel very full, just not painfully full. I would hand express at those times, a pump will probably be expressing too much. It should only take a couple of days for supply to adjust. And woohoo for a bit extra sleep!!


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