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    I agree with OJ. Maybe you working 2 days a week, (maybe on the weekend?) might work for everyone? you get out of the house away from the kids, your DH can drop one of his 3 jobs to be home more.

    He must be just as exhausted as you are.

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    I'm definitely with PP who suggested he give up at least one of those jobs.

    I doubt anyone works 3 jobs because they love the stress and pressure of it all... you said he's doing it FOR YOU so if you're feeling resentful of him for doing it, then you need to rethink this dream... because the dream and the reality aren't the same thing. Have him quit a job or two, and maybe you'll go to work part-time too. Unless you guys win the lottery, I think the choice is you either work too, or he continues as he is and life is happy for nobody.

    OR maybe he drops a job or two, and you guys seriously cut back financially so that you stay at home and you still get time with him as well.

    I wouldn't go into it angrily though - he's done this for you, so you need to let him know how grateful you are, and how lucky you feel that he did that for you. Just, maybe, it's not working out how you hoped, and you miss him... blah blah... and then suggest your solution.

    Good luck.

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    I understand how u feel I have DS2 and DD 6months, my husband travels 2 wks a month he stays at 5 star hotels and eats at the best restaurants while I sit at home and eat crumpets for dinner lol ( I always have cooked meals for DS in freezer so I get lazy ) even when he is home i do everything anyway.

    I have always been very independent and loved my job, I sometimes resent him too and get cranky. I tell him he is off living the high life while I'm stuck at home. The reality is he loves me and our babies and would prefer to be at home with us, however he wants us to have a great life which we do so he is working his *** off for it. Truth is you don't get those perks without working for it.

    Your husband obviously loves you and your babies very much to be working as hard as he is. So many men out there just wouldn't do it. Our babies are so young, it will get easier and remind yourself it's really such a short time that they are babies before you know it they will be at school!! Still can't believe DS is 2 where did it go?? Stop being so hard on yourself, talk to him. He loves u enough to work 3 jobs he will be open to making it work for both of you.


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