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    Default 5 year old son with sensory seeking disorder

    Hi everyone!
    i have come along hoping to meet some other parents that have a child with SPD.
    My son was diagnosed at 4.5 years old and we have had some OT, but are in the process of seeking a new one.
    The challenges that he has is over stimulation, low muscle tone (so poor motor and fine skills) social interaction skills and invades personal space.
    this has become much more evident since he started school.
    his gross skills are getting better everyday, but its the social and stimulation side of the disorder that are concerning to me.
    he doesn't seem to know the difference between rough play, and because he likes to be touched and played with quite roughly (he likes kids to sit on him, bump into him etc) he does the same back and is starting to be seen as a bully.
    he is not a bully though, he is actually very sensitive and caring and often stresses out if someone gets hurt etc.
    he stresses quite a bit actually about randomn things. For example I showed him a picture of a cat I had before he was born an explained he was in heaven because he got hit by a car. My son was beside himself with grief. He couldn't believe the cat went to heaven and balled his eyes out. He begged me to bring him back. Then he began to stress that I would die.
    I also struggle to have him understand concepts. He thinks next week means tomorrow, and although I explain this over and over, he flat out refuses that is wrong and is not willing to change his mind about it.
    I just want to meet others whom have a pre-schooler with SPD and any advice they may have on the above?
    I will be forever grateful

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    Hi there, I'm subbing and be back tomorrow to reply - my DS4 has lots of SPDs, and especially loves hard and rough touch!


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