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    Ella j, no advice here sorry, but hugs.

    I also have a sensitive 4yo daughter and have just ordered the book pp mentioned.
    My dd doesn't interact with other kids much at all. She finds them rough and will often not play at playgrounds if other kids are around. she also gets upset over tiny things, she is very different to her younger brother.
    I get quite frustrated with her when she gets upset over the tiniest thing her brother does. I worry that when she starts kindy she will get picked on or won't have friends. It is difficult to see them struggle with these emotions when they are so little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ella jonathan View Post
    yes, my little 6 years old boy is just like that. but with additional problem that makes me feel guilt. when i just be tough with him he never says a word, just goes somewhere in the house and cries alone. this really makes me feel so bad and guilt. what to do!! i tend to be more soft with him than with his siblings
    I think you will find that book very helpful then, and there is another really good one called "how to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk" (long title lol!) which is full of helpful hints & examples on gentle discipline, how to get on the kids level, how to get then to open up to you etc.


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