Hi everyone

I'm looking to form a playgroup near Perth, for my 2 year old son. Would anyone be interested? I'm hoping to find like-minded parents who share the same views:
  • that above all, our children are precious and loved!
  • Parents are responsible for guiding, disciplining and shepherding the child's heart and subsequently, their behaviour and attitude
  • Playgroup is a time that is less of just mere chit-chat between parents, but more a hands-on opportunity to teach our children how to socialise and play well with others, to teach them how to share, care, love and consider others.
  • Multi-cultural groups welcome!
  • Along with play, our children must be taught to eat well. Not that sugary snacks cause children to misbehave, they should be limited as they can cause tooth decay!
  • A well-baby playgroup: parents who have sick children are recommended to stay at home, only out of consideration of spreading the illness to other children, but also for rest such that sick children and parents can recover fast. Even if it is just a cold.
I can understand that I may come across as strict, but I'm really hoping there are other parents out there who share the same views? Would love to hear from you. x