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    Default First trimester symptoms

    I am 7 weeks and 4 days and my little jellybean is making me feel a little ordinary. I have the sorest boobs ever and I completely off food. I can only manage about 5 different meals. I feel bad for complaining about all this stuff because I just want this pregnancy to go to term. I had a miscarriage in 2011 and I just can't wait for the 12 week stage. I have had an ultrasound and all was positive. Does all these horrible symptoms mean the pregnancy is progressing normally???

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    Some women have heaps of symptoms and others have very few - both can go on to deliver healthy babies.

    Generally, the higher all your hormones become, the more intense your symptoms are. I'm about the same as you (waiting for my official dating scan next week) and I've been having plenty of symptoms, but nothing terribly over the top. MS is more all day nausea for me and even though my boobs are still very sensitive they don't hurt as much as they did in the first few weeks. Mostly for me my number 1 symptom is being very fatigued!

    I think it also depends on how quickly your body gets used to dealing with the symptoms too. For example, I've been having quite a bit of lower back pain, but I'm used to having a sore back prior to being pregnant, so even though I acknowledge it's there, it's far easier to put up with and ignore than the nausea I'm not used to having.

    Good luck!

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    I had my dating scan today 7wk 1d and my symptoms have been mainly exhaustion!! I'm literally in bed by 8pm but then wake up at 3-4am and I am wide awake for an hour then I fall asleep again just to be woken up by the alarm for work. I have had some dizzy moments and the smell of food isn't great for me but I haven't actually felt like I needed to vomit yet which I thankful for. I have had a lot of mild cramping but no bleeding/spotting and the us today all looked good. I think it's just all different for each person and I am currently going to take being tired over the lack of ms!!


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