Wow. We have been here over 2 years now. I find it cheaper living up here than I did in brisbane cos you get more pay. Dh as a teacher gets 70k a year up here but if he were to teach in bris it would be 40k a year.
Thats a huge jump.

For food for 3 of us we spend 200 per FORTNIGHT

Rent is 420pw

Electricity has always been under 300 per quarter. (Our last bill was 280. And im home alll day.)

Petrol for a big car is 70 pw. (And thats driving from palmerston to darwin city everyday and going for long drives)

Not sure on daycare but ive seen a few advertising 8 bucks an hour (we dont use day car)

It just depends on where you come from as to how well you manage living up here. We are far better off livkng up here than when we lived in Brisbane. I had 2 jobs and so did dh and no baby then and still didnt manage. But now we do great.

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