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    Default Tips and experiences of those who went to work while hubby stayed home with baby/babi

    Ds2 is due in November when ds1 will be one. I currently work three short days and look after kid/ house. My job is very secure.

    Dh works full time self employed in an area that while he enjoys isn't stable and long term not sustainable.

    Dh is wanting to study and start up a business from home. He is great with ds and looking after the kids and house is well within his capacity although he Ives his overnight sleep.

    He is a do-er so currently outside of work is busy and we don't get a heap of family time. Honestly I'm more lazy and enjoy sitting around house with kids rather then gardening or whatever else. I do housework because its required.

    But I am great at my job and excel. There isn't much room to move up as its a small business but I get paid well. More then dh and boss is flexible and u have been their five yrs.

    We thinking for the next few yrs until both kids are two or three I should work. Before ds was born I was so against it but now it feels like smart solution and us both playing to our strengths to achieve greatest output for the family.

    But it's also a bit weird and I don't want to do it without thinking through stuff and addressing potential issues.

    Also this is all assuming boss could provide full time work and when I should return when ds2 is three mths or six mths.

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    My DP is currently a SAHD, working from home part-time, while I work part-time, and study part-time.
    It works well for us, although our youngest is nearly 2 now, so a bit older. We do parent differently, I am more "lets get stuff done", while he is more patient and fun.
    What is different for SAHDs though, we have found, is the lack of social engagement. He doesn't do playgroup, or coffee dates with the girls, so is prone to feeling more isolated than I was. This is enhanced by living rurally. So I have had to encourage DP to pursue his interests and friendships when he can.

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    If you can wait until your new baby is 6 months I would definitely do that. I was still a train wreck when DS was 3 months old!

    Sounds like a smart idea for your family. I hope they can give you full-time work.


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