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    Default DP inappropriate in front of kids

    Ok first - let me say DP's dad died when he was four and his mum was and still is useless because shes still grieving 30 years later.

    Now this guy impressed me at the begining. He was very mature as he pretty much raised himself.

    But since having kids he's reverted to a 15yo.

    Seriously - aside from laziness, he has found a new bad habit.

    He can't seem to have a conversation without dropping a few F bombs and when he's on the phone to work colleges or mates the C word comes out too.

    He won't remove himself from the room even when DS 2.5yo and DD 15m are present.

    Twice now while reading the kids bedtime stories he's made really stupid sexual side jokes, the way a 15 year old would and his mates would find it funny.
    And it wasn't a clever double meaning. Just crass.

    I pulled him up on it the first time because I was gobsmacked.

    Now it's happened again and I'm just disgusted.

    Does anyone else have a partner who does this because I find this really hard to deal with.
    I mean it's not hard to stay G rated while reading a golden book is it?

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    He will stop when they start copying him and he realises it isn't so funny. Until then.... It's a hard one. You don't want to nag, everybody has a bad habit. At least he is reading bedtime stories and he probably thinks now is the time he can make those jokes before it bites him in the rear end! Which it will eventually.
    If he won't leave the room maybe start making a big racket as soon as he start the swearing on the phone. Nothing worse than the happy noise of high volume children playing while you are trying to act "cool" with your work mates. Then he will up and leave the room pretty quick.
    The noisier the toys the better! You know, the ones we all hate to receive as presents for the kids because they are so irritating? They work a treat.

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    I'm sorry but I think your DH has bigger problems than you might know about. What kind of a father speaks like that in front of their children, it's wrong and there are NO excuses for his behaviour especially the sexual references. I think you need to keep your eyes and ears WIDE open..... Sorry but that is not normal behaviour.


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