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    Default Unknown Infertility - annovulation?

    Does anyone else have cause of infertility unknown?
    Endocrinologist / and doctors doesn't know whats causing me to not ovulate or get periods. Being referred to a fertility clinic now.

    I Have perfect ovaries and follicles on ultrasound.
    hormones ALL normal
    MRI normal
    ultrasound totally normal
    normal very healthy weight and BMI
    eat extremely healthy & workout regularly
    no insulin resistance

    everything is totally normal and healthy, but only had a few normal cycles since puberty. Been off pill 2.5yrs no ovulation, no period.

    Anyone else heard of a similar story?

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    Hi bella

    I was originally diagnosed with unknown infertility at 27yo .. FS said I wasn't ovulating... But I do get my periods, long cycles or irregular.
    All the testing he did were normal we did the dye tube test also, sorry can't remember the correct name that also cam up with nothing out of the ordinary. Hubby's swimmer all fine and good amount..
    We ended up doing Full IVF after many rounds of unsuccessful attempts at iui, clomed, gonel f injections, pureon injections ... I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy in which I lost one of my tubes... It was then we discovered that my tubes were scarred No scarring showed up in the dye test.... so unsure if all my procedures of fertility and d&c caused the scarring or it just didn't show on the dye test.. I do have 2 beautiful girls from IVF... Unknown infertility is SOOOOOOOOO frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many MANY MANY months I would spend googling on causes on unknown infertlity... But I will never know... I told hubby, that I would prefer they find something in the hope to fix it rather than nothing, that they can't fix ... Hope that all makes sense... to creating your family...


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