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    Default Talk me out of another...

    Just after some advice from others parents, we have 3 children and there has been talk of another from my part not my husband's because i'm the one longing for 1 more. But i'm really struggling "letting go" I guess. I feel happy with the 3 kids we have, but I think it's because we always talked about 4 that i'm struggling. We are about to build a new house and we will be able to build a 4 by 2 so the kids would all have their own rooms, if we had another then 2 would have to share. We are about to upgrade our car and I've said to myself that if I buy a 5 seater that's it no more kids because we won't be able to upgrade again for some time. But it pulls on my heart strings when I see a small baby or when a friend says she's pregnant or wants another, it's almost like i'm expected to have another. I'm really just in search of advice from other parents who may have had these feelings as well, how did you move past them and just be content? Having 3 means we could travel more, and comfortably live and do nice things with the kids we have but having another would jeopardise that. I just don't want to live in regret. Any advice?

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    I was in your position (not the house n all that) but thinking about a 3rd.

    My daughter is now here i love her to pieces, a dream come true.

    But my life has become a chaotic mess. I struggle to stay a float... She is a very very demanding little girl (her brothers are demanding too) and its just really hard. I cant get a handle on anything and my health is suffering for it.

    I dont wanna sound all negative but if your life is awesome now... Why change it?

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