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    Does she self settle during her day sleeps? if not then maybe you should work on teaching her to. If she does then at least you know she can do it, if she wants to. So, something must be stopping her/distracting her from going back to sleep during the night.
    My 8mth old has had a dummy from about 6mths old. He has learnt to find the dummy himself and puts it back in on his own. We never had any issues with it being the reason he was waking and not re-settling. It was always something else: nappy, temperature, sick, teething, hunger, daily routine messed up that particular day, going to bed too tired/too awake, not enough/too much day sleep, Arvo sleep too close to bed time.
    He also has a comfoter that he puts over his face. I think he likes the feel of it there, he has had this since he was a newborn in hospital.

    I would try increasing her milk feeds or offering more solids if she has started them. Add more milk into her solids.
    Be consistant with night time and how you are re-settling her when she is waking. Try to interviene as little as possible at night so she learns to do most of the re-settling herself. So if you just have to pop the dummy back in, so be it. Relax and wind her down before bed, (sometimes books are too stimulating for some babies).

    Also, you're not alone, most babies this age still wake through the night. Its a very fast growing phase, mentally and physically. Hang in there!

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    Subbing - my 7.5 month old still wakes and can take hours to get back to sleep.


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