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    I've had 3 difficult v births although no shoulder dis??? Spelling? Lol
    And I've had one elective c sect. I'd hands down recommend the c sect. It was an absolute walk in the park compared to the others and I recovered from it much better than I did from the v births.

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    Definitely take the option that you feel most comfortable with. I hope all goes well for you.

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    I have sort of similar experience with my first two births, DD1 was born with no SD and weighed 7 pounds 14, DS was 8 pounds 13 and his birth we experienced shoulder dystocia. DD3 decided to come of her own accord at 36+1 and weighed only 6 pounds 15 so no issues there.
    With DD3 I made it to term and a repeat SD was becoming more of a worry to DH and I. A caesarian was never mentioned, I don't think I would have taken one if it was because I'm petrified of them but dh would have happily agreed as he was quite effected by DS birth. I can't say for sure I wouldn't have had a ceaser because I never had to look into the decision, had my SD experience been severe (DS freed with just pubic pressure and pushing my legs up) I would have seriously looked into it.
    What did happen for us is that DD3 was induced and born at 39+5, which is exactly the same gestation as DS was actually. The birth was perfect with no shoulder issues or tearing. She weighed 8 pounds 7, only 170g less than DS. I'm not sure that that made a difference or it was just that she was in a better position or something, I did birth her on all fours with a chair supporting my front which the midwife told me after was the best way for the shoulders to fit whereas DS I was in an awkward semi-reclined position in my back.
    The best way to birth after experiencing a previous SD is such a hard thing to decide and I found that a lot of different doctors and midwives (public patient) had differing views on how best to manage a birth after SD, I totally agree with AM though, go with what makes you comfortable.
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