Hi Everyone, I am expecting baby #3 next year and am only 8 weeks at the moment but am considering an elective Caesar and was wondering about everyone else's experiences. I have had 2 natural births but both not without their dramas. My DS1 was born after 14.5 hours of labour, 2.5 hours of pushing (ouchie) and then 3rd degree tearing requiring an epidural (after NO drugs for the actual birth) and this was all on Christmas Day after having my labour in front of the whole family DS2 wasn't AS dramatic as that BUT had 2nd degree tearing after a very dramatic shoulder dystocia birth during which people rushed in pushed hubby aside and it was all a bit scary. First bub was 8p7 second bub 9p6 and my OB came in to see me after DS2 (when he was only hours old) to explain that another natural birth may not be a good idea as statistics show babies get bigger each time and I may be expecting a 10p next time. He recommended considering a Caesar. My mum mentioned this conversation when I told her I was pregnant! It was her first thought!! Anyway I will be having bub at the Mater Public Brisbane and was wondering if anyone had ever had to consider an elective Caesar. I'm obviously not too posh to push and would prefer a natural birth BUT for the safety of myself and bub I feel compelled to consider the C-section option. Thanks for reading