I need something to wear!

As far as I've been told, I don't need to wear something super ball-gowny, but that's still a possibility.

It's for a work Christmas Party so there's no way I want to spend a fortune, and I'm also a very very difficult shape/size, especially when it comes to formal wear. I'm a true hourglass - over 10 inches between waist and bust/hips - which just doesn't easily work.

Still... does anyone have any ideas on where I might find something?

Even if I could find something kind of vintage-inspired in a tea-length, or some great corsets (not bustiers) to pair with a gorgeous skirt (something girly, not gothy)... or heck, if you know where I can find formalwear designed for girls built like I am, then point me in that direction!

And masquerade masks too. I'm already lusting after the Kitten d'Amour ones, but want a few more options...