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    Default Dad & Partner Pay

    I put in DH's application for the Dad & Partner payment a few months back, and applied to have the payment from the baby's date of birth. We received the form saying the payment had been approved, and to just present proof of birth when the time came.
    DD3 was born on the 5th August. DHvdropped off my paperwork for the baby bonus and FTB on the 6th (go organised me!). When he drooped off the form to Centrelink, he told them that the proof of birth also had to be advised for his Dads pay. The lady said it would automatically link.
    So, they have processed the baby bonus, and FTB, but I can't see any sign of the dads pay.
    Did yours come through at the same time, or have they not linked as we were told they would?

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    We completed our applications for ppl and partner pay back in may, DS was born July 23 and we took proof of birth to Medicare around 30th July. We still haven't received any of our payments, I spoke to them on Monday and they said the proof of birth is linked to both of us, basically it's in queue for finally processing, she said they were a bit behind at the moment, once it's finalized I should get a letter saying ppl funds have been released to my employer and do will get one saying payment is on the way.

    I'm going to continue to follow them up to see if any more progress has been made with finalizing our payments.


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