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    Default What, if any, household chores do you now pay someone else to do?


    i had a total brainwave last week (well it seemed like it ) ...for months ive been saying im going to get a cleaner...but that means cleaning up before they arrive IYKWIM and i felt like it was a waste a money TBH....my biggest most depressing household chore that seems overwhelmingly endless for me is the WASHING..its endless..all i do on my days off is wash, wash, wash, hang out, fold, TRY to get it all put away (which never happens) so washing is always laying around the house...i do not why this task become so huge but its just too much now...so it occured to me it was high time i got rid of this task once and for all..it takes me hours and i hate it. so im taking all the laundry this week to the laundromat and leaving it for them to do...there is however a lot of my clothes i cant take cos they cant be dried but it will cut out a good 70% of the washing...im SICK of trying to do it ALL..work, clean , cook, lose 15kgs, TT my DS, try to provide a good environment so my kids arent watching TV all day while i trudge up and down the stairs doing the godforsaken washing etc....

    so wot have u decided to outsource and was it worth the $$ and sanity?

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    I got a cleaner shortly after I fell pregnant. Best thing I ever did as I hate housework and it was nice to come home to a clean house after work. I've recently changed cleaners and now I stay at home while the new one cleans. I feel slightly awkward just sitting around while she does her thing but once I trust her DD and I will head out and just leave her to it.

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    We get a cleaner once a fortnight, it is the best thing ever, i don't have to spend my weekends cleaning or fighting with hubby about the chores!

    I found my cleaner through this website - they have screened all the cleaners and you can book it all online, pricing is good too.
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