So DP & I (shes's 27, i'm 25) have been TTC with a known donor for the last 12mths with no success...after a break to get married & honeymoon we tried 1 more time before seeking medical advise...well that 1 more time (which we hoped would maybe, just maybe be our lucky charm) didn't work...No surprise really after 12mths of disappointments.

To cut a long story short saw the Doc who took bloods at CD27 (i'm normally a pretty standard 31/32 day cycle) results are as follows;

Prolactin - 16 ug/L (<20)
LH - 19 U/L
FSH - 9 U/L

Oestradiol - 350 pmol/L
Progesterone - 2 nmol/L - this should be much much higher by CD27

Testosterone - 0.9 nmol/L (0.3-2.8)
Sex Hormone Binding Glubulin - 25 nmol/L (18-114)
Free Androgen Index - 4 (<6)

Everything looked pretty normal - except for the progesterone! the important one

Had more blood tests at CD33 & now having another BT tomorrow at CD39 as Doctor still isnt convinced my levels are high enough to prove not only is my period "5 days late" according to my standard cycle...but it also appears as if I haven't even ovulated yet!!! ugh...suddenly feeling like our TTC journey is going to get a lot harder from this point on