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    Default Partner with type 2 diabetes


    If this is in the wrong place I'm sorry!

    DP has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

    His blood sugar is 3 times the norm.

    He is so angry! Actually, he's Hangry - a combo of hungry and angry.

    I think in part it's an emotional response because he's very 'whoa is me' and the high blood sugar?

    If someone can please tell me if they live with a type 2 diabetic are they angry and does it decrease with proper management because this is pretty awful.

    Im trying to be understanding but I told him that he needs to manage himself. I'm scared he won't and the kids and I are stuck with someone who is lashing out because he eats Starbursts instead of blueberries?

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    I don't have diabetes, but I have another illness that revolves around food. Basically I have been in hideous denial for about 8 months, eating and drinking things I know I shouldn't, doing it even worse than ever because I know that I can't.

    It is very strange, It isn't rational, on Friday I have to start an elimination diet/medical study and I will only be able to eat 8 different foods. I am absolutely and utterly devastated...and acting like a child.

    I would go far as to say, I feel as if I am losing part of myself, I am such a foodie - why is this happening, blah, blah. Whinge, whinge.

    He may need to speak to someone, a support group, a therapist. Although I would suggest a diabetes support group online, I bet he could find ones with people similar ages interests etc.

    It hurts, but it feels better when you are talking to people who know exactly what you are going through and how it feels.

    Good luck.

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    Has he always been angry, or just changed since he got the diagnosis?

    If he changed after the diagnosis, then its definitely not the diabetes causing it, because he would have been diabetic for a while before the diagnosis anyway!!!

    Tell him to pull his head in, and start managing his health because you don't want to be stuck with a blind, double leg amputee who has blocked arteries and is on kidney dialysis in a few years time :P


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