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    I turned mine when they outgrew rear facing position at about 8 or 9 mths

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    My pumpkinpie is close to 10kg at 8.5 months still rearfacing and will be until her leggys get uncomfy.

    Shes likes being rear facing she falls asleep every time we get in the car and when she isn't asleep and has a toy with her if she drops it, it
    Goes on her belly and she gets it easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sajimum View Post
    Is there a reason you say to take the CREP ratings with a grain of salt? Just curious, as I am using them as a basis of car seat shopping at the moment. I would be more worried about "independent" testing by people employed by the manufacturers.

    ETA - I hope that question comes across in the right way.... I am genuinely curious!!
    It does, don't worry! Why would you be worried? All manufacturers would test their seats, how would they know if they'll pass a standards test if they don't? Australia has the toughtest standards in the world, if the seat doesn't pass ALL 25 stringent testings, then it simply won't be on the shelves. CREP is independently tested, and don't test every seat, just the ones they want to so it is hardly a good outlook on which seat is 'best'. The Comfi series (infa secure) has to pass a total of 32 different dymanic sled tests, just for compliance alone, not including batch testing and another I can't think of... That's just an example, not sure how Britax tests their seats but yeah any seat you buy on the shelves are excellent seats (but some are obviously better in rear facing and extended harnessing)! Price doesn't equate to quality, and I never look at CREP when choosing a seat, just which suits our needs!


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