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    Default Can't handle my 2 1/2 old boy anymore!

    My little man has become a handfull. I have a lot of things I am worried about with him behaviourly and I can't seem to get a grasp on how to manage them or what could possibly have caused them.
    I will list them as it is easier, and any help would be great. He is 2 1/2, has a 4yo sister and 1 1/2 year old sister. They all get equal time with us, and we have been on low carb/sugar diet since my 4yolds dr said to cut sugar out.

    1. He is possible the best sleeping child ever, always has been. Even when he was nearly one he was going to sleep at 4pm and sleeping through till 7am and have a 2 hour nap at 11am. Atm, he goes to sleep at 6 and wakes at 6:30 with no dramas through the night. My problem with his sleeping is his bedtime routine he has developed. He lays on his left side only with his back touching the side rail. He needs is blankets straight and tucked in, with a certain 4 (yes 4! Even in warm weather) blankets with his Mcqueen blanket on top. Then you need to put teddy ( which is huge!) on top of the blankets facing him and give them both a kiss goodnight.

    2. The blanket thing carries on through the day if he wants to watch tv. They need to be straight and not wrinkled or folded, but he doesnt need all 4 through the day.

    3. He screams. Thats his way of communicating. He just points and screams or yells. He does use words, but he is using the same words his 1 1/2 yo sister does. In fact, lately he has been copying the words she uses more than anythings. He started to develop sentences about 4 months ago and I thought we were getting somewhere, but he seems to have gone back to using one word responses or pointing and crying at things he wants. We tried to remedy this by telling calmly saying " im sorry, but mummy and daddy dont understand crying", but you can imagine how that turned out.

    4. He doesnt like sharing. And I know that this is a problem with most kids, but if my eldest so much as glances at something he was using, WW3 ensues.

    5. He doesnt like eating food he has to chew. If it is chicken or beef, he wont touch it. But give him Weetbix or mash potato and cant stop him from eating. He does eat solid foods occasionally, like when we give him bread or sometimes pizza, but I think thats because they are sort of soft??? I dont know.

    6. He has a set routine after 4. And if you mess it up, you will have him screaming for the rest of the day. His routine is bath, hair, help me cook dinner, eat, watch tv, teeth then bed. If we break it, like if we decide to go out that night instead, we cop a 3 hour tantrum.

    So this is what I can remeber at the moment, if anyone has any opinions or advice, it will be a great help. Im out of my depth here.

    I feel like I should also mention he has dermatitis, a lazy eye, and has had 2 febrile convulsions.

    Thankyou in advance!

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    Have you had him checked out for any disorders on the Autism spectrum? The dependance on routine, OCD like behaviour, lack of spoken word communication and little things like that sound very similar to my beautiful little nephew who was diagnosed at 2yo.
    The diagnoses and professional certainly enabled the family and his parents to interact with him on 'his level' and understand how his brain works.

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    I think if you go see Occupational therapist. They will be able to help you both in behavior and you understand why he is like this.

    I would also suggest seeing a pediatrician.

    Also check out a weighted blanket. they are ease to make yourself but it may help too.

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    I agree you should see a paediatrician and occupational therapist and they can guide you in the best way to handle your sons behavior.

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    I can understand low sugar but are you sure low-carb is what the dr wanted?

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