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    Default Feeling very lost, not enjoying pregnancy

    I am pregnant with our first baby. I have suffered from severe clinical depression and anxiety a couple years ago, and was doing the best I have in a long time since, and then found out we are pregnant! I fell pregnant the first month off the pill which was a big shock as I never expected things happen that fast. Since being pregnant I am struggling with the anxiety again, I am also very lost in my life. I live on our farm with my husband and work with his family farming. I played an active role in doing farm and stock work, driving tractors and found the best way to help my anxiety and such was to keep busy, since becoming pregnant I am not allowed to do stock work and so alot of what I did in case something hurts the baby. Looks like I won't be able to drive the tractor in a months time baling as its considered too dangerous by my husband and his family. I am so frustrated as my family in law treat me like a precious doll and judge me on what I do, I feel out of control, its my body, I feel so lost like I have lost who I am, I can't even do my job I guess anymore. I am really struggling and have negative feelings towards the pregnancy because its changing my life so much. I am not sure if I am being silly, I am just finding it really hard. I am not enjoying my pregnancy, I have had severe all day morning sickness up until about 18 weeks also which left me quite depressed. Just to clarify, my husband is a wonderful very supportive man, who I know is just wanting to protect me and the baby, but he can't possibly understand how I am feeling. I am finding things hard as I am not enjoying this pregnancy and feel terrible guilt over that. I just needed a place to put my feelings down, so I hope that's okay. If anyone wants to share or might be someone to talk to that would be great.

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    oh huge hugs . I think they are more than likely very excited and just don't want you to overdo yourself or hurt yourself. You're already halfway there, hang in there. This is a great forum for support. Do you like reading, perhaps going for walks or doing something else from home will make time go by. Try to not think of things being like this forever.. soon you will be busy and life will be different.

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    Maybe you can get everyone together to brainstorm what other jobs could now become your responsibility instead? Maybe the meal planning and cooking, or sorting out a wardrobe or storage area?

    Is there anything you've always wanted to do but never really had the time to? Like read a long book, or writing a book, creating short films, jig saw puzzles or models, creating a nursery, local volunteers (tutoring, meals on wheels, old folks home, tree planting etc), starting to watch that tv series you always forgot to watch... ?

    It must be hard being in the position that you are.. try to keep yourself busy and distracted with something that you can find some meaning or merit in.


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