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    Post Separation under the same roof

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me again. I have been to Centrelink and explained my circumstances to them. Until such time that I am able move out with my kids I need to go through the whole process etc. How did you find the process? Was it difficult? What about the questions they ask? It has been nearly 3 weeks that I moved out of our bedroom. I was in my daughter's bedroom but I have since moved to the lounge so she can have her bedroom back. In terms of Government assistance I was told I would get something but exactly what they can't confirm. I also work part time and the home we are living in is mortgaged. Someone has already confirmed that I wouldn't get rental assistance which is understandable. But the children would still be seen as living in shared care or something like that?

    There is literally no communication between myself and my husband and as stupid as the only way I can tell him anything is via an email. I don't think he thinks we are separated but to me we are and this is the last time. I have been through two separations and this will be the third and last. Living here is hurting me a lot. I am determined to go but my finances are in such a state mainly due to being hospitalised and off work for 3 months and in that time I used all of my savings to pay for my share of the things.....

    Thanks for reading all this

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    Wow, sounds like a tricky situation.

    In terms of centre link, usually you just need a witness to confirm your date of separation and then you can apply for single benefits- either unemployment or parenting payment single; as well as family tax a and b. if you are paying rent to your husband you are legally entitled to rent assistance regardless of the situation- though you would require supporting documentation.

    Also, centre link will most likely require you to apply for child support before paying benefits. You and your husband can work out actual payments/arrangements between you as you see fit, but the child support office needs to officially assess you on paper.

    It's a hassle setting things up but afterwards the maintenance is generally pretty straightforward. Good luck with everything

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    Can I ask why Centrelink can't tell you how much you'd get? Did they ask for yours & his income etc? Surely they'd have to have some idea??

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    It's entirely doable. I'm not sure what the process is but my best girlfriend has been separated from and living with her children's father for 3 years and receiving the single parent pension and child support for that time. She also conceived her second child through IUI with her ex as her donor and had the medical documentation to support her status as a single parent so that's something most wouldn't be aware they could do. They have an amicable relationship tho so it does make a difference to the housemate situation. Best of luck

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