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    Default Help with weaning off the bottle!!

    DD is 23 months and has 2 bottles a day ( cows milk before bed) refuses to give up her bottle for a sippy cup, she drinks her water from a bottle with a straw but likes her milk lying down, she can't drink out of her water bottle the way she likes milk so I have no idea where to start? She has perfect full mouth of teeth and I don't want them ruined by the bottle? Please give any tips or tricks for getting off the bottle!!
    Thanks xx

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    Subbing as I am in the same boat. My ds is 2yo and loves his bottle. He has 2 per day but would have more if I let him. I tried giving it to him in a cup with a straw because he drinks juice and water fine that way but for some reason like your dd won't drink milk.
    He only took a few sips and I am not ready for him to stop formula yet so am continuing the bottles.
    He drinks the bottle really fast though within 2 minutes so I am thinking this shouldn't affect his teeth too much. I will try a cup again in a few months and will buy a special cup with Thomas on it to make it more exciting.
    Hopefully there will be other hubbers with some ideas.


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