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    Default Tips to make mummies life easier....

    Reading the threads on here about mummies doing it tough, finding it hard to cope etc i thought we could start a thread on helpful, practical and realistic tips to make our lives as easy as possible, because lets face it, being a mum is a damn hard gig!

    Ive aimed this more so at SAHMs with toddlers (as thats my situation) but alot of the tips can be applied to working mums, mums with babies or school age kids too. So here is some that have helped me and that i try to implement so please feel free to add yours

    Iron only clothes that need it, as u need them.

    Make slow cooker meals for dinner as much as possible / or meals that are healthy but easy during the week when partners / husbands are usually at work and you’ve has the kids on your own all day.

    Keep clothing for the whole family to a minimum = less washing although you wash more regularly but dont end up with such a large mountain of washing (you all know what im talking about)

    Keep toys to a minimum, rotate and store toys to keep toddler interested. Utilise a toy library in your area if you have one.

    Keep on top of cleaning main living areas and will seem less overwhelming ie :- Dishes done and clutter put away. I feel less stressed and more motivated if the house if half respectable

    Have a designated day to clean other areas if possible.

    Give bathroom a quick clean while watching children in the bath

    Eat well
    and get enough sleep. Take multi vitamins if required

    Shop weekly and menu plan. I found fortnightly shops exhausting and hard work so i find smaller shops easier. Plus youd end up back there agina for fresh fruit, milk bread etc anyway!!

    Incorporate “mummy time” into every day – even if it’s a book or bath before bed. Find time for YOU.

    Get as much stuff ready as possible for any outings the night before

    Establish a morning and bedtime routine

    Try and get out everyday, even if its just a walk to the park, a trip to the library, a cuppa at a friends house.

    Utilise indoor play centres. We have some free ones in local shopping centres that are joined onto a café so I relax and have luch and a cuppa while DD plays away….ahh bliss

    Lower your standards – This has been really hard for me as im a bit OCD with cleaning but im much less stressed when I don’t try and keep everything perfect. With small children its impossible. I usually put toys away etc right on bedtime, and get her to help otherwise the chore will be repeated over and over throughout the day

    Pick your battles. Your toddler / child will drive you nuts and push your buttons. Try not to take life so seriously and tell them off for every little thing that they do that annoys you. Learn what to let go and what to not.

    Drink wine. Enough said lol

    Im sure i have many more but thats all i can think of right now

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    You've pretty much covered it all, but my only advice is to remember that, epecially in the first few months, that it goes soooo fast! It really does. The newborn stage is over in the blink of an eye. Cherish every moment, don't sweat the small things, it'll all fall into place eventually What seems like the end of the world today wont even matter in a few months time. Stay calm and take it one day at a time


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