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    If you ensure your child has healthy eating habits from the beginning she should be fine. Ds1 is a healthy eater, he knows what foods are not so good and what are so he isn't influenced by what others eat.

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    You'll have this issue with more things than just food, and with more people than just your cousins.

    It's tough, and we're still battling through this. I have a yucky feeling it's not likely to end anytime soon.

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    We used to see this a lot with my sister and my second brother. My sister would try to have home cooked meals but they were full of crap. Also the boys lunchboxes were full of packaged foods.

    My brother's kids were fed frozen finger foods from the minute they could chew. Their smart idea was to process what they were eating and feed it to the kids as babies. This included things like chicken tonight and other mega salt filled crap. Their youngest boy constantly had some sort of food being shoved in his hand, whether he was asking for it or not. None of their kids are healthy because their diets are so poor.

    DS's best friend is another example. They don't drink water. It's juice occasionally but the majority of the time it's coke. Even for the 2 year old with heart problems. According to his mother he only eats sausages and pizza yet he happily ate vegetables when he stayed here. He also happily snacks on the fruit and other snacks we offer.

    I'll admit to giving ds a poor diet at times when I've struggled with my mental health and the thought of doing anything too much (and yes that included preparing a basic meal) was beyond me. These days we're very big on making the right choices. Your thread has actually reminded me that I need to talk to the school. Ds is being teased because we're vegetarian. Kids are chasing him aroung with meat sandwiches and salami sticks thinking it's hilarious. It's sad when a healthy diet is ridiculed like that.

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    I really hate when people automatically assume children only want things that are bland and deep fried. Like on a restaraunts kids menu for example. Always slice of pizza w chips or nuggets w chips etc. Just gets on my nerves, DH and I just get a small plate and give dd whatever we have ordered. As for her food choices I am fairly happy. SHe loves her fruit, wants mushrooms incorprated into most meals ( I have had to force myself to now like mushrooms!!) And broccoli is a common request now. I honestly don't care what people think of how I view certain foods for my child, her health is what matters and also mine. since she started eating solids my diet has changed drastically because I really wanted her to eat better than I ever did. My diet was not terrible but it wasn't great either. We are teaching each other a thing or two about healthy eating.

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    My boys are constantly offered biscuits and lemonade at the in laws which drives me freakin insane-always before a meal (why?!). I talk a lot to the boys about when they can/can't eat (time wise) and hunger wise. DS1 is interested in the time on the clock etc, so we would say-oh dear it's 9 am, it's a bit early for biscuits/lemonade, morning tea time is closer to 10. (And then they could have a little of whatever I'd brought, and share with their cousins). Or, lunch is only an hour away, if you are hungry have a glass of water or this apple (for eg) that Ive brought. I'm pretty sure I come across as a bish sometimes, but they still enjoy treats with their cousins, just not in the same quantities. We limit it to 3 biscuits and one glass of lemonade in one visit. Because we class them as a sometimes food, I then explain to the boys that dessert is not an option that night as we'd already enjoyed a sweet treat for the day. It's not something we follow to a tee or are super strict about, but it seems to (for the most part) work. Their behaviour is terrible otherwise, they just switch off and are so rude and difficult, I'd rather be a bit mean, cause waves than have to deal with two monkeys on a sugar high for the rest of the day!!


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